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“Dear Miss Spencer, This is just to say cheerio. Yours Sincerely, Stanley Moon. P.S.: I leave you my collection of moths.”

I have been watching few films, too busy with working on my own. I’ve left off writing them down for so long that now I don’t think I’ll be able to remember all of them. Let’s see…

Brazil – Terry Gilliam – 1985

The Brothers Grimm – Terry Gilliam – 2005 (bad idea)

Detour – Edgar G. Ulmer – 1945

Joy Division – Grant Gee – 2007

Sabotage – Alfred Hitchcock – 1936

The Killing – Stanley Kubrick – 1956

Raw Deal – Anthony Mann – 1948

Atlantic City – Loius Malle – 1981

Mister Lonely – Harmony Korine – 2008

Bedazzled – Stanley Donen – 1967 (HA! Bet you didn’t expect that one to pop up here. Thanks, Hulu. You’re the only one who’s there for me during my sleepless nights.)

Soon I’ll write in depth about several of the above.

By -the-by, here’s a picture of Pete & Dud: